Soham Grammarians - Mr Tony Cornell, Physics 1967-72

Mr AG Cornell, a graduate of Southampton University, joined the staff at SGS in January 1967, staying until July 1972.

He continued on the staff of the City College in Ely until 1986 when he left teaching. Since that date he has been pastoring Ely Christian Fellowship.

In 2007 he gave up prime responsibilty for the church but is still part of the pastoring team of the church recently renamed Lighthouse.

At SGS he assisted on make-up in a number of school productions (Importance of Being Earnest 1970, Arms and The Man 1971, and HMS Pinafore 1972). He is remembered amongst other things for his part in a trip to Ireland at Easter 1967.


from the 1970 School photo

from the 1972 School photo

He is an East Cambs District Councillor.

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