Soham Grammarians - Mr Graham Hammond BA (Dunelm) English 61-62

Soham Grammarian Spring 1961


This term we welcomed Mr. Hammond, our new Librarian, who introduced a spirit of reform. The Library Staff has been drastically reduced in an effort to streamline the issue and return of books. The Arts Sixth practice of borrowing vast numbers of "work" books to adorn private shelves, was restricted by the extension of the Fines system to cover Sixth Form non-fiction books-a move which, in addition to increasing the availability of these books, has proved a most lucrative source of revenue (one boy paid 4/6 in a single week).

The long awaited Filing Cabinet also arrived this term, and what a beautifully constructed piece of equipment it is. At last we are able to discard the ramshackle shoe boxes in which the index cards have so long reposed: instead, everyone can now refer quickly and accurately to a record of every book in the Library.

Dr. Grassi saw to it that all available funds were used before his departure, and so few new titles of note have been added this term. But a flood of new books is intended for the new financial year.

from the 1960 School photo

Soham Grammarian Spring 1963

The School reassembled in September 1962 with an unchanged Staff. Since then Mr Hammond has left to become Head of the English Department in a newly formed Comprehensive School at Beaminster, Dorset, a post which he took up in January of this year. His enthusiasm and wide interests were evident in all that he did; we shall especially remember him for his work in the Library and behind the scenes, where his unobtrusive efficiency was invaluable.

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