Soham Grammarians - Jack Lockwood 25-31

Obituary sent by the family to his local paper: As far as we know Jack was the oldest* surviving Soham Grammarian when he died on 18th February 2009 in Norfolk and Norwich Hospital aged 94. He had already donated his football school colours and silver athletics medals to the school archive.

He served in the RAF during the war and was the saxophonist in two dance bands which he ran, The Spitfires and The Rafters, while stationed in Great Yarmouth. It was during one of these dances that he met his wife, Dorothy, who was serving in the Women’s Royal Navy. They were married for 66 years.

Jack was well known as a player for Ely City Football Club and still holds the record for the most goals scored in a season. He was also invited to trial for Arsenal, but had to turn it down for family reasons.

He was a Cambridgeshire Lawn bowler and won the Champion of Champions Award in 1952.

He had many interests including photography, woodwork, and sport, but he continued his love of music throughout his life. He played a musical instrument until relatively recently and spent hours transposing his music into his favourite key.

Jack was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire and moved to Norwich from Ely in the 1960s. He was based in Sheringham where he was partner in a business until his retirement in 1979. He leaves his wife, Dorothy, his two children Rosalind and Jane, as well as three grandchildren and six great grand children.

Jack was buried in Colney Woodland Burial Park, Norwich on 28th February 2009.

Chris Bent 53: 9 Mar 09: I am a close friend of the Lockwood family, and arranged for Jack to donate his colours and medals to the SG archive. Jack died recently, having been in failing health for several months, and I attach an obituary which has been sent to the local press by his family.

Jack was awarded a Minor Scholarship to SGS in 1925 or 1926; a copy of the award still exists; I hope to get a copy of this and three sports/house team photographs from his time at Soham, when he lived in Clay Street, Soham.

* in fact that honour passed to Joshua Martin who celebrated his 100th birthday on November 2009 and died aged 101 in 2011 - Editor
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