Soham Grammarians - 2016 Reunion Luncheon

Who booked for the 2016 Lunch

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This year we welcomed five new faces. Three former SGS staff were present: Mr Dick Bozeat, Mr Peter Scott and Mr Alan Mason.
Our MC this year was again Chris Bent SG53.
John Dimmock SG59
was our Box Office manager. John's wife Sue and daughter Emma assisted with the drinks.

Guests of Honour
Dr Carin Taylor - Principal of Soham Village College since 2006 and now Executive Head of The Staploe Education Trust
Mrs Ann Jarman -
daughter of Mr CJ Ford

Mike Barningham SG60 was our speaker

Introduction: Chris Bent SG53

Grace:  Mr Peter Scott


Prawn Cocktail
Main Course
Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli, Puréed Swede and Gravy
Spotted Dick and Custard
Cheese and Biscuits
Coffee and Mints

The meal was followed by the Loyal Toast: Patrick Faircliffe SG48

Welcome to Guests was by the MC Chris Bent SG53 who said he was especially pleased to see the five new faces present including Mrs Beth Lane, wife of Brian Lane known to many of us.

Chris added that if we are to thrive we must reach those presently not in touch with us and publicise ourselves and this event more. All who live in our main catchment area could help with this.

As customary after the meal, he presented the cash from the silver bowl that had been passed round to a representative from the very smartly turned out SVC senior pupils team that so capably served us. To Sara Coutts who was in charge of the excellent catering for our lunch he presented a bouquet.

Absent Friends: Tim Boyden SG58 who said proposing this toast was particularly poignant for him as Geoff Rouse and Brian Leonard had been colleagues at Barclays: Brian Alps 50, Alan Bye 54, George Dann 33, Bill Fyson 47, David Hobbs 49, Bob Leonard 41, Tom Mann 31, Barrie Martin 50, Roger Nicholas 59, Geoff Rouse 56, Terry Vince 50, Richard Walker 64.

John Dimmock later presented bouquets to Dr Carin Taylor, Mrs Ann Jarman, Mrs Beth Lane. Welcome to Soham Village College

Dr Carin Taylor, now Executive Head of The Staploe Education Trust, has attended all our events during her tenure.

Carin said:  'Soham Village College became an academy in 2012 and sponsored a new primary school, The Shade which we opened in September 2013.  Kennett Primary School joined our Trust in 2012 and we are delighted that The Weatheralls Primary School in Soham will be joining us in January 2017.   We very much value our local collaboration and hope that, together, we can even better meet the needs of our community.  We now have children as young as two in our Trust and the announcement about Bishop Laney Sixth Form provision, a new partnership with Ely College, means that we can further develop our local offer for young people aged 2-19.  We continue to work closely with our neighbouring church schools, especially St Andrew’s.'
'We were delighted with the results at Soham Village College again this summer which, for the second year running were ‘best ever’ by many measures.  In slightly technical-speak, the progress of all of our students, across the whole curriculum and for students of every ability was significantly above the national average.  Of that we are immensely proud!'.

Carin thanked us
for again  inviting her and for all we do to preserve and extend the legacy of Soham Grammar School. 

Inclined to Wander -
Mike Barningham SG60

Those sending apologies were:

Andrew Cullum 58
Anthony Nix 65
Bill Rennison 61 History
Brian Callan 63 Lab
Brian Hollamby 66 Biology
Brian Lythell 59
Brenda Bott 46 School Cook
Charles Peacock 44
Clive Taylor 55
Dave Angood 55
David Bailey 54
David Christie 54
Denis Wilkins 53
Don Phillips 48
Eric Simper 51
Frank Greig 52
Geoff Fernie 59
Gwyn Murfet 56
Ian Hobbs 48
Ivor Wright 43
John Abraham 65
John Ansell 47

John Middleditch 53
Kathy Howells 68 Biology
Ken Purchase 52
Leon Kitchen 51 History
Malcolm Lloyd 58
Michael Tuffs 61
Michael Yeomans 60
Neville McElderry 63 Chemistry
Philip Bignell 51
Ralph Barker 65
Ray Bolton 58
Reg Brown 47
Rodney Brown 48
Rod Else 56
Roger Human 46
Roger Logan 57
Roger Smith 56
Roger Wright 49
Stuart Porter 59
Terence Rule 55
Vaughan Moll 59
William Smith 40

Some 2016 Reunion Luncheon photos

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Alan Frost 54 - John Cornwell 54 - Stan Harley 53 - Chris Bent 53

A general view

Mike Goodchild 51 - John Brown 51

Kenn Hunter 67 - Mike Glover 67 - Simon Curtis '66'

Tim Boyden 58 - Paul Firby 58

Melvyn Chapman 51

Chris Bent 53

Ron Meadows 53 - Alan Hill 53

Patrick Faircliffe 48 - Michael Turner 47 - John Waller (showing us his weskit) 47

Beth Lane - Peter Bird  53 (bearded) - Ann Jarman - Carin Taylor - Chris Bent 53

Ed Reed 67 - Ian Allen 67 - Alan Dench 67  - Albert Ware 52

Gary Dew 62 - Kenn Hunter 67 - Neil Munro 67 - Simon Curtis '66'

Alan Mason - Peter Scott - Dick Bozeat

Owen Barber 50 - Mike Barningham 60

Some photos taken by Brian Lane

The 59ers - John Dimmock - Peter Scott - Ralph Dunham - Roger Johnson - Frank Haslam

Mike Barningham's talk - 'Inclined to Wander'

images: unless otherwise stated, Frank Haslam
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