Soham Grammarians - Mr ACV Foster, French 1951-57

Mr (Major) Anthony CV Foster died on 4th October 2016 aged 93.
His funeral was at St Andrew's Parish Church, Stapleford on Wednesday 26th October 2016.

from the 1952 School photo

from the 1954 School photo

from the 1956 School photo

Soham Grammarian Autumn 1951

We welcome Mr ACV Foster, Mr L Kitchen and Dr JS Turner, who take their places on the Staff.

Soham Grammarian New Year 1957

We cannot let Mr. Webb and Mr. Foster depart from our midst without placing on record our appreciation of the great contribution each made to the life of the school during their years here - Mr. Webb from 1948, Mr. Foster from 1951.

It was said of the poet Byron that he secretly delighted in cultivating "the Byronic legend." It may surprise his former pupils here to learn that Mr. Foster equally diligently cultivated the "Satch" legend about himself, the legend of the mastersmuggler, the Continental contact-man, the dealer in cameras, cars, fishing rods and surplus military equipment. We understand that it all developed from a connection traced between his possessing certain items of British and German military equipment and the fact that he had been an officer in the Army of Occupation; and from his surprise appearances at School in strange and wonderful cars - two pieces of false deduction, no doubt.

Seriously, though, we have lost a colourful, intriguing personality from the Staff who, if he occasionally "took a strong line" with a sinner, did so out of a genuinely anxious concern for his progress. There can hardly be a boy in school who has not been thankful at some time for Mr. Foster's proficient First Aid services; and the School's creditable swimming achievements are largely due to Mr. Foster's keen efforts in this direction.

Mr. Foster takes our best wishes with him to his new post at the County School for Boys, Cambridge, his own old school.

Mr Foster nowadays lives in a village near Cambridge. Contact was made with him in February 2008. He was intrigued to hear of the Dinners and of his colleagues Leon Kitchen, Ted Quinn, Rex Waller who still attend.

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