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Reunion Dinner information and booking form letters were posted on 22nd August to those Soham Grammarians known to us who could not be emailed. For those of you on email, a message was sent 20-22 August.

Soham Grammarians not on our
all IN touch list are asked to get in touch via Contact us.

The Reunion letter can be printed off from the Reunion Dinners page. We hope to see ever more new faces this year. Richard Dick Bozeat is our guest speaker.

Aug 2005

click for a Slug 'bad hair' day photo
click image for close up
back: Willie Royston - Alan Cox - Colin Rouse - 4 - John Lenanton - Rodney Cutting?
front: Mr Leon Bill Kitchen (51-57 "who taught history with verve and threw a board rubber with deadly accuracy"*) - Mr Riley - Mr Johnson (22-53) - Mr Thomas - Mr Rex Waller (49-60)
identifiers: June Lawrance, Colin Cornwell 45, John Gothard 53, Neil Holmes 52, *Martin Shalders 54, Mike Rouse (SVC), Frank Haslam 59

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