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Please click here for the reporting on our 2021 Reunion via Zoom

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September 2021 - OUR 2021 REUNION VIA ZOOM is on Saturday 2nd OCTOBER
Please keep that afternoon free ...

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This year's Reunion - how to join in this invitation only online event

On 1st October all Soham Grammarians in email contact were sent an invitation to this year's Reunion. This is being held via Zoom on Saturday 10th October, 2.15 for 2.30pm London time. If you can't find that invitation email (and have checked that it was not routed to your spam or junk email folders) please let us know by clicking here.

If you wish to join in please carefully follow the guide points in the invitation email and then click the registration link provided to register for our reunion (even if you have already told us you'd like to attend). You will then receive a confirmation email which has the link and passcode you will use to join us on the day.

If you have any queries then as usual please contact John Dimmock at

If you are unable to join us but wish to present your apologies please click here and send us a message.

A letter to those Grammarians not in email contact was posted on 1 October informing them about the Reunion, asking if they are now using email or if someone in their 'bubble' who is on the internet could facilitate their joining in.

We already know a number of Grammarians who for reasons of age or health, or living in foreign parts (i.e. even further away than Cambridgeshire, including beyond these shores) are looking forward, on this occasion, to being able to join us.

We're giving it our best go. Dr Carin Taylor will again be attending to bring us up to date on the past year at Soham Village College and the challenges they are now facing. There will be a short illustrated presentation on Some Funny Goings on at SGS.  We hope you will join us. Bring your own food and drink!

Registrations as of 12:45 on 10th October - name and year of entry.
Plan to attend but not yet listed? Please register NOW

* one of 20 new attenders

  1. David Beale 62*
  2. Richard Berney 68*
  3. Kevin Brown 63* Germany
  4. Martin Brunt 66
  5. Chris Bull 53
  6. Bill Chilcott 50* USA
  7. Michael Clark 55* Australia
  8. Kenneth 'Sam' Clift 50
  9. Malcolm Coe 57
  10. Martyn Davies 66*
  11. Richard Dean 56
  12. Alan Dench 67
  13. John Dimmock 59
  14. Susan Dimmock
  15. Alan Diver 40*
  16. Keith Diver 70
  17. Geoff Double 68
  18. Ralph Dunham 59
  19. Keith Essex 69* Canada
  20. Patrick Faircliffe 48
  21. Geoff Fernie 59 Canada
  22. Richard Formby 68*
  23. Alan Frost 54
  1. James Gilbert 65
  2. Phil Green 68*
  3. Frank Haslam '59'
  4. John Hill 48
  5. Ian Hobbs 48
  6. Roger Human 46
  7. Ken Hunter 67
  8. Peter Jeffrey 49
  9. Douglas Jones 71*
  10. Terry Jordan 48
  11. Bill Kelly 55*
  12. Ranjit Kurrie 61*
  13. Mrs June Lawrance f (AEL)
  14. Brian Lythell 56
  15. Vaughan Moll 59
  16. Donald Monk 50
  17. Mrs Carol Morton (Michael 54)
  18. John O'Toole (English 63-66)*
  19. Barry Parr 62
  20. Christopher Dubas (Pearce) 65*
    Saudi Arabia
  1. Eric Pearson 60* Canada
  2. Stuart Porter 59 USA
  3. Terry (Eric) Scannell 66*
  4. Peter Scott (Maths 60-72)
  5. Brian Smith 63*
  6. Peter Smith 59
  7. Roger Smith 56 South Africa
  8. Trevor Smith 62* Thailand
  9. Carin Taylor SET
  10. Brian Thorby 49
  11. Simon Thornhill 65
  12. Piet Walton-Knight 52
  13. Michael Whymer 52*
  14. Denis Wilkins 53
  15. Tony Willenbruch 62
  16. Michael Yeomans 60 USA
September 2020 - This year's Reunion - see August - keep the afternoon of Saturday 10th October free!

August 2020

This year's Reunion: Following discussions with Dr. Carin Taylor at the Staploe Educational Trust about our Annual Reunion Lunch, scheduled for Saturday 10th October 2020, we have decided that it will have to be cancelled:
However, we are looking into holding an online reunion on Saturday 10th October at 2.15pm via the widely used Zoom service. If you have not already used it yourself you will almost certainly have seen it used by tv News and other programmes such as the BBC One Show:

You won't have to travel and it'll be free (well, not quite - you provide your own food and drink).

We can do quite a lot of the usual things, though perhaps not (as someone once said) necessarily in the same order:-

-  Welcome
-  Toast to the Queen
-  Roll Call
-  Toast to Absent Friends
-  News from the Village College (Dr Carin Taylor)
-  A short illustrated talk
-  Question and Answer time

"But I really like being able to chat even if they were not in my year" One idea is to list those registering to attend here on our website so you can let us know who you might like to talk to.  After the event we can email those who wish to be in touch and are happy to share contact details. We'd leave it up to you whether you phone each other or set up your own Zoom meetings. See Trevor Smith's report below on a Zoom chat with four SGs recently, mainly to celebrate joint 70th birthdays.

How to join the 10th October Reunion will only be provided to those who register for it.

So that's how our thinking goes at the moment. Please let us know if you'd like to give it a go (or not) and if you have any ideas to help make it work.

We will do all we can beforehand to help those who have not yet Zoomed to get up to speed if there are no friends or family able to help.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible on our ideas.

If the feedback is broadly positive we'll be in touch with registration information in due course. We will then also contact those who have not provided an email address, to check if they now have one or have someone who can help them join in.

This information was sent on 5 August to all SGs in email contact.

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