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For your diaries and calendars - our next Reunion Lunch will be on Saturday October 7th, 2017
** If you are ex-SGS - pupils or staff - please contact us if you are NOT on our list of All in Touch
or ARE on our Out of Touch page - see via
Those we are in touch with and those we seek **

A photo report of the 2016 Reunion Lunch is now available. It links to Mike Barningham SG60's talk
Inclined to Wander
- see via Reunions or click on 2016 Reunion Lunch

October 2017 - please view Helpful Points, make use of the Search this site facility, and also check Messages

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  • Contacts list: Those we are in touch with and those we seek
    NB - names are shown with entry year (late joiners adopt the entry year of their peer group)

  • additions to those on email, in 2016: 
    additions to those on email, in 2015:
    Graham (Harry) Audus 61, Michael Butcher 58, Robert Wiseman 70.

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