Soham Grammarians: School Visit/Trip Reports from the School Magazine

1953 Easter Bruges, Belgium
1953 11 June
London Coronation decorations
1954 Easter
Königswinter, Germany
1954 22 July
Windsor Castle
1955 Easter
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
1956 Summer
Bornhofen, Germany
1957 7 Dec
Wembley Stadium
1960 Easter
Lake Brienz, Switzerland
1960 25 June
2S to Tower of London, British Museum
1961 Easter
Spittal an der Drau, Austria
1961 Aug
Bouillon, Ardennes
1962 Easter Arles, France
1962 Easter
Lake District
1962 Coventry Cathedral
1962 Aug
Davos, Switzerland
1963 Sept
1964 Aug
Europe (with EHS)
1965 July Sixth Form, to
1966 July
2 Alpha to London
1967 Easter
Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
1967 Easter 2nd Forms Italy
1967 10-14 July
Crystal Palace Recreation Centre
1971 Easter
Winter Sports trip Switzerland
1972 Easter
Salzburg ski trip

David Camps 60: I remember going on a School Trip to Coventry Cathedral, which was consecrated in May 1962. The trip was probably in 1962, but I cannot remember if it was before the school closed for the summer holidays in July, or in the new term which started in September. My main memories are of the extremely long queues, of an elderly lady who was extremely distraught at the destruction caused by German bombers during the war, and of some of us kids trying to kick the 1963 pennies out of the stone floor. A mention on the website might remind others of the trip.

Dave Hazelgrove 65: There was a visit to Italy in the Easter of 1967 for Forms 2A/Alpha, culminating in our presence in St Peter's Square on Easter Sunday for the Pope's Easter Address. The trip was led by Mr Sherrington and his family. We flew to Zurich and then caught a train to Rome. We visited Sorrento, Amalfi, Naples, Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Tivoli Gardens and Florence (to name but a few places). Train back to Geneva and flew home from there. I have slides of the trip - somewhere. Anecdotes available about a lemon tree, an orange and the Sorrento priesthood. [Editor - anything in the School Magazine?]

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