Soham Grammarians: Archive - Speech Day/Prizegiving programmes

unless initials stated, held by Soham Village College: RB=Ralph Barker NB=Nick Bridge LD=Lorna Delanoy
RD=Richard Doe MRD=Martin Duffield FWH=Frank Haslam SJM=Stephen Martin DM=Donald Monk
PN=Peter Nicholls RS=Roger Smith EHT=EH Tabraham

1935? Prizegiving [Soham Roots]

1941 Speech Day PN
1942 Speech Day PN
1946 Speech Day LD
1947 Speech Day PN

1952 Speech Day P Roe
1953 Speech Day (photocopy) DM
1954 Speech Day (photocopy) DM
1955 Speech Day (photocopy) DM
1956 Speech Day DM
1957 Speech Day DM
1958 Speech Day DM
1959 Speech Day (2) RS

1960 Speech Day RS
1961 Speech Day RD copy
1962 Speech Day FWH
1964 Speech Day SJM
1965 Senior Prize Giving FWH
1966 Senior Prize Giving FWH
1967 Senior Prize Giving EHT
1968 Senior Prize Giving SJM

1969 Lower School Speech Day press EJK
1972 Speech Day EHT, RB, NB

If you can provide years not shown here, or originals where we at present have photocopies, please contact the editor
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