Soham Grammarians : Scrapbook

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before 1910

The beginnings of the school - from a Village History project
SGS in Kelly's Directory 1875, 1904, 1912
A Day in the life of a Soham Grammar School Schoolboy of 1890
Exam Results, Christmas 1894
Exam Results, Christmas 1895
Entry Scheme, 1896
Prize List, Christmas 1899
Exam Results, Science & Art Depts 1899
Exam Results Science & Art Depts, June 1900
Prize List, 1903
Exam Results, Cambridge Local, 1904
Prize List, 1904
Exam Results Board of Education, June 1905
List of Governors and Staff 1905


Beechurst House in the time of the Morbey family
School List, 1914
A 1918 schoolboy
Goldings at SGS
Cricket and Tennis players c1911?


Recollections - W Cranwell 1919-24
1920 100yds Mug awarded to K Willis
An early 1920s classroom?
Late 1920s recollections
First AGM of the Old Boys 15 Dec 1920
Cyril F Hepher (1925-26 school year entry)


School Prospectus from the 1930s
Prizegiving programme, believed to be 1935
Advertisements in the Summer 1936 Soham Grammarian
Senior SGs Reunion 30 April 1980


Alan Diver's recollections 1940-46
Mrs D Green remembers 50 years of SGS in her family
Herman Kon - wartime evacuee
Harry Kane SG44, Olympian new
Roger Sykes - first day 1942
George Eden, Soham Fire Brigade Runner, June 2nd 1944
ATC E Cmnd Cross Country 18 March 1944
Form 3B 1946
Distribution of Certificates from the King, 6 June 1946
1948 photo - can you help?
Class of 1948 at 1987 Dinner
late 1940s Cricket 1st XI
Re-formation of the OBs in 1948
Memories of some wartime staff
Bernard Collen DFM
Upper VA - some of them - after School Certificate 1949
The aeroplane that wouldn't land at school, Autumn 1949

Some 1945ers with Mr Jack Symmons in 1948


1950s Memories - Mike Hallam SG51
Service of Thanksgiving for the Founding of the School 29 June 1951
A 1952 Burwell boy remembers
Aerial views of the school, possibly 1953
Prefects 1953
Christmas Parties Dec 1954
Christmas Concert 1957
Form 1 Algebra exam Summer 1957, set by Punch
Form 1S 1954
Form 1T 1954 - Ralph Czumaj, Warsaw
Form 3A 1954/55
Form 3B in March 1953 (1950 entry)
Form 3B 1954/55?
Form 4B in 1954
Jeff Watson's saving graces
Last of the crews - Rex Waller 2002
Lower 6 Arts 1956
Summer Fair 1958
LVI group Dec 1958 - the Elite
Memoirs of a Moggy Rat - Rev Gwyn Murfet
Memories of 1950-58 - Geoff Gammon
Memories of 1955-60 - Michael Clark
Memories of 1956-61 - Norman Long
Memories of 1958-60 - John Woodward new
Recollections in tranquillity - John Humphreys
1957 Clerihews
4 Oct 1957 Opening of the New Assembly Hall & Laboratories
Mr Freddie Hobbs & Mr George Phelps
School Christmas Card


Compilation of films: probably by Lionel Hart: YouTube link

16 July 1969 - The 14th Legion
1961 Summer Garden Party

Toy Symphony 1961
Hole in the Staff Room Ceiling incident Dec 1962
Bus season ticket
Geographical distribution of SGS pupils 64-65
Conservatory demolition
Day Trips
Form 5T Summer 1965
Gwyn Murfet's Album
Our Housekeeper remembers
The Three Boys sculpture
SGS in the 60s: an oasis of calm and learning - a history enthusiast's recollections - Richard Brown 60
Stratford on Avon RSC Theatre camps
Senior Prizegiving 1967 photos
Teaching Empathy - Trevor Smith 62
Speech Day photos 1966 - Junior - Senior
Mock School Election 1966


Prefects' Charter - 1970s
14 July 1970 - Fifth Form Open Day
1970 Sixth Form Revue
Some well known staff from the 70s at a Dinner
1971 Sixth Form Revue, 1971 - "Walter's Tea Party Needs YOU!"
1971 Sixth Form Evening
School Calendar, Summer Term 1972
Staff v Short-trousered Boys Cricket Match, 1972
June 1972 letters to parents about the final events at SGS
28 July 1972 - Order of Service for the 1686-1972 Commemoration Service
Memories of 1972
29th July 1972, Last letter from Edward Armitage, as Headmaster, to parents
From the 1974 Dinner menu - 'cod' Chaucer


Chess Club
Learning to drive
Radio Club


View the Soham Village College campus from the air and click on Beechcroft to wander around inside
The Old Grammar School
Uniform items

Going Comprehensive - some Press coverage
School Bus & Train memories
Who/When/What? please put names etc. to these faces
1986 gathering of Old Boys
A walk around the grounds in the late 1980s
Images of the School from postcards
The Edens at SGS and EHS
Mr WAG Burroughs of Soham: photographer and drama make-up


Burwell Museum of Fen Edge Village Life Grammar School awards from 1943 at St Mary's School Burwell and County Scholarships awarded from 1937 at St Andrews School Burwell. In 1951 St Andrews sent four to SGS and St Mary's three.

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